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Bodyguard / Executive Protection

EagleThe Bodyguard / Executive Protection Training Course was developed by a Retired U.S. Secret Service Agent assigned to the Presidential Protection Detail.

Course Content:

• Executive Protection – Principles and Concepts
• Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
• Site Advance Procedures
• Firearm Retention / Disarming
• Protective Formations
• Emergency Planning and Response Procedures
• Protective Detail Formations
• Motorcade Operations and Security
• Perimeter Security
• NYS Licensing Requirements
• Executive Protection / Bodyguard Employment

8 Hour Course Fee: $75


Did You Know…….

  • Handguns and knives are the most common weapons
  • Attacks typically occur up close, within 15-20 feet.
  • 85% of attacks occur while the protectee is in a vehicle.
  • Armored vehicles provide 6-8 seconds of protection and cost approx. $150,000.00

Today’s Bodyguard / Executive Protection Agent is a “non-confrontational incident avoidance” professional trained to stabilize, diffuse, and de-escalate. A Security Guard License or Private Investigators License allows a person to perform Bodyguard / Executive Protection Services in New York State.

DRP Training Service / Instructor Dana R. Poirier
www.drptrainingservice.com (518) 563-2093
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